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About Us

On or about July 4th 2006, members of the community around Bucyrus, OH were viewing the activities from around the country on a nationally syndicated news broadcast, and  having an informal discussion regarding the reasons “why our community did not celebrate the birth date of our country”! From those initial talks, this comment was made “I want to ask Why we as a community do not HONOR our local Veterans on Veterans Day”. The response to that person was that the communities in Crawford County do a “very” good job of “Local” celebrations but “we do a very poor” job of having any type of UNIFIED effort!  

Those people spit-balled a few suggestions back and forth and committed themselves to the planning of the organizing of and the sponsoring of a “Crawford Veterans Day Parade/Observance” on 11/11/2007. Monthly meetings of the group were scheduled and for the next few months ideas were exchanged and discussed. On or around August 20, 2006 the suggestion was made to establish a “Hall of Fame” similar to the Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame (Click Here) but only for those Veterans that have been born in Crawford County or have lived in the county for a minimum of five years.

On that day in mid August of 2006 the “Crawford County Veterans Hall of Fame” was born. The success of this endeavor is yet to be seen, but as residents of Crawford County we owe it to our “Past, Present and Future” Veterans to acknowledge their dedication to our country and to uphold their HONOR

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